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In America's oldest national park, a war rages between those who fear the region's apex predators and those who fight to secure their longevity and survival.

Guy Wilkinson straps into his snowboard and releases his inner powder hound at Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts.

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British Columbia’s rugged interior is known as mountain biker’s paradise – around Kamloops, you can ride rainforest in the morning and desert in the afternoon.

The wild archipelago of Haida Gwaii and its original inhabitants reveal the power of nature writes Guy Wilkinson.

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Image by Francisco  Moreno

Stetsons, honky-tonk and neon lights; what happens when we set out to confront our musical prejudices head on?

Among the Redwoods of California's Russian River, vintage airstream trailers are the latest way to combine luxury with adventure.


Devised as a hardier backcountry alternative to the more commercialized Itirod, The Yukon Quest is not a race for the faint hearted.

High above the clouds in a remote mounatin village in Myanmar, a sacred rock defies the laws of physics and convention.

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On the remote Pentecost Island in Vanuatu you can witness a bizarre and strangely compelling festival believed to be the inspiration behind bungee jumping.

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